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What to expect

We get it, coming into your house to wash your dog is a little weird. Here's how we do it.


We schedule pets according to your neighborhood. We have found that everything goes much smoother (and makes the environment much less angry) when we stay in one general location a day.

City Map with Braille
A Walk in Park


We live in a crazy world full of germs. We can't vaccinate them all away so we wear masks to prevent the spread of diseases.  We won't require you to wear them, but we don't want to accidentally take out Grandma who just wanted a clean dog.

Pet Grooming Tools

What we bring

We bring a rolling cart full of grooming supplies. Mr. Bubbles, our bathing machine, is battery powered. Our dryer is small and (probably) won't trip your breakers.  We bring several towels per pet and a variety of shampoos for you to choose from.

Pet Grooming Tools
Dog Wash
Dog Wash

How we scrub

We start by filling Mr. Bubbles with warm water from your tap before we put the shampoo inside. We mix it by hand for a few minutes before spraying your dog down with the mixture. We use your bath tub and we use either your tub handle or our suction cup handle to secure your dog to the tub.

Cute Dog

How we rinse

Depending on your shower set up, we will either use your detachable shower head, or we will rinse using the bucket method. The bucket method involves filling a pitcher with clean water and pouring that over your dog multiple times until the shampoo is gone. We prefer using shower heads, and for us, the $20 heads work just as good as the $200 heads.

Having a Bath
Blow Drying

How we dry

We bring multiple towels and we squeeze the water out of the coat before using the blow dryer. This cuts down on our electricity use and dry time. If we are drying your pet in your bathroom, we will turn on the fan to help reduce the humidity in the room. Our dryer is about the size of a 6 pack of drinks and it sounds like a big human hair dryer.

How we trim

Once your dog is clean and dry, we will brush it out and begin the haircut. We have a small grooming table that is lightweight and fold-able. Our table takes up about as much floor space as a rocking chair.

Dog Getting Groomed
Mop broom

How we clean

We make our best attempt to clean up our mess with your tools. We will gladly use your broom or vacuum to get the hair off your floor. Excess moisture will make hair stick to the floor, but we will try our best. 

How to pay

We accept cash, cards, and checks. We process card payments using Square invoices sent to your phone number. It's just like online shopping, but for getting your dog groomed.

Pay Bills

Ready to book an appointment?

Please click on the link to fill out the Google form and we'll get back to you soon!

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